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Models Wanted!

Models wanted!

Do you pencil in your eyebrows every day?
Have you over plucked your eyebrows?

Are your eyebrows distant cousins instead of sisters?
Do you participate in a lot of sport?
Do you like sunbathing?
Do you just want great looking brows without any tinting or penciling them in over and over again?
Do you want great looking eyebrows in the morning when you wake up and all day long, when you are sweating at the gym, when you are sweating on the beach or swimming in the pool?
More seriously do you know anyone who has any disabilities who struggle to put their make up on every day?
Are you short sighted or do you know someone short sighted who struggles having to keep putting their glasses on and off to put your brows on every day?

Then Semi Permanent Make up could be just what you need.


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