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How Do I Get Semi Permanent Brows?

How do I get semi permanent brows?

At your first appointment you will be patch tested for the local anaesthetic cream and also the pigment (which is deposited into the dermis layer of the skin to create the perfect brow) to ensure you are not allergic.

We will go through the forms to ensure that you are able to have the procedure.  There are certain medications, illnesses and diseases that do not allow you to have semi permanent makeup.  If you have any concerns about illnesses you can ask this prior to your consultation.  Once we are happy with the forms and the patch test we will commence with the colour matching to your natural skin tone and your own natural hair colour if this is what you want.

All preferences can be discussed at the consultation.

Just before and after the drawing on your eyebrows numbing cream will be applied so that no discomfort is felt throughout the procedure.  After about 20 minutes of applying the first numbing cream, the cream will be taken off and we will begin to design your brow to the shape that you prefer, again once you are happy, we will match the pigment colour to the colour of your own natural brows. We can then begin implanting the pigment using natural hair strokes to mimic your own natural brows with Karen Betts intelligent digital machine.

At the end of the procedure We will talk you through the after care of your new brows to keep them looking good.  You will then be booked in for your follow up procedure between 4-6 weeks later.  At this next appointment we will reinforce any pigments that need it and generally check that everything is ok with your new brows.

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